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*If your question is about whether your car is compatible with the Hurt Alert, please first check your car compatibility here.



Find out all you need to know about the Hurt Alert in our FAQ section. If you still have questions after reading, send us a message and we will answer as soon as we can.

Install and Setup


Q. How does it plug into the vehicle?


UNIVERSAL MODEL: It plugs into the OBD port via a supplied cable.

VENT MOUNT MODEL:  It plugs into the Gateway port via a supplied cable.


Q. Can I use an OBD Splitter?


No, we don't recommend using an OBD splitter. While it may appear to work, not all the data is being recieved and may cause false alerts and logging.


Q. How do I wire up the analogue E85 Sensor to the Hurt Alert?

A. Before attempting to use the Analogue E85 sensor, please select the "Ethanol content over CAN BUS" in vehicle settings to see if that method works. If it reads 0%, you may need to wire the analogue sensor to the Hurt Alert.

Analogue E85 sensor wire-up connection:

For a clear signal, connect the Black and Blue wire all the way to the sensor.  The blue connects to signal and the black connects to the sensor ground.

Reminder, it is polarity sensitive.


Q. What do I need to do before using E85 fuel?


A. Before attempting to use the Analogue E85 sensor, please select the "Ethanol content over CAN BUS" in vehicle settings to see if that method works. If it reads 0%, you may need to wire the analogue sensor to the Hurt Alert.

Analogue E85 sensor wire-up connection:

For a clear signal, connect the Black and Blue wire all the way to the sensor.  The blue connects to signal and the black connects to the sensor ground.

Reminder, it is polarity sensitive.

What is it?


Q. What does the Hurt Alert do?

A. Its more than a gauge or technical tool. Hurt Alert is a technology solution which uses super smart algorithms to detect common issues with easy to understand audible alerts.


Q. What are the specs?

A. Click here for the full list of the technical specifications.



Q. Will Hurt Alert work in my car?

A. Hurt Alert is designed for specific cars. To see if your car is supported,

click here.



Q. Why isnt the Hurt Alert available for every car?


A. The short answer is the Hurt Alert taps into specific signals from the ECU which the car maker designed specifically for each model car.


Each car listed on our compatibility list we make specifically for that model so we can use these model specific special signals to help make the Hurt Alert deliver the values and determinations of the Super Smart Algorithms.


Q. I have a "flash tune" for my car - will this work?

A. Yes, it should!


Q. I have a "piggy back" performance system - will this work?


A. No, any device which interferes with or sends altered signals to the car’s computer will not work. This is because it could cause potentially inaccurate values or display messages on the Hurt Alert display. We do not recommend using Hurt Alert if you’re using these kinds of devices, or devices which include automatic control functions that change the level of throttle performance based on pedal pressure.

How Does It Work?


Q. How is the Hurt Alert so fast when most other OBD gauges are lagged or slow?


A. Its not just one thing, it's a combination of many things done right. We weren't happy with what was available on the market, so we threw a truck load of research and teamed up with very clever cutting-edge technicians and engineers to make the Hurt Alert super-fast and nothing like anyone has ever seen or experienced.


The super-fast speed and updates is a combination of a whole bunch of geeky stuff like; the operating system, LCD driver, screen software drivers, how the graphics is generated on the screen, the high performing CPU, the efficient way we address the memory and the way we talk to the cars ECU, which is a completely different method and technique to other gauges on the market.


Q. How accurate is Hurt Alert?


A. Hurt Alert is only as accurate as the sensors which are reporting via OBD or CANBUS. If a sensor on your car is reporting false values, this inaccuracy will be displayed on Hurt Alert and so will affect the accuracy of the Hurt Alert operation and alerts.


Q. Does the Hurt Alert secretly copy my tune?

A. No, we have no interest in what tune you have. Hurt Alert is independently owned. While some tuners or workshops may sell, endorse or recommend Hurt Alert, no mechanical workshops or tuners have access to any part of the source code of Hurt Alert, nor do we copy tunes.

Further to this., it would be physically impossible, there isn't enough space inside the Hurt Alert. We have used all the internal storage of Hurt Alert for the application. The only additional memory storage on the device is, the customers SD memory card, which only the customer has access to. All log files stored on the SD card is fully visible by the customer.


Q. As a company, what logs do Hurt Alert collect from my car?


A. None, we don't collect any logs or any other data from your Hurt Alert.

Operating Conditions


Q. Is the Hurt Alert waterproof?


A. No, it's not. Please don't get it wet!


Q. What temperature can the Hurt Alert unit operate under, on the dashboard of my car?


A. Hurt Alert is designed to operate up to 75 degrees Celsius – if it gets hotter than that you may see notification messages advising the unit is too hot. Allow the unit to cool under 75 degrees before using it.

To extend the life of Hurt Alert we recommend that you remove the unit from the dashboard of your car during extreme hot days.

Using the Hurt Alert


Q. An alert was displayed, what does it mean?


A. There are two levels – and two types of alerts - that appear on the Hurt Alert display.


The two alert levels use a colour coding to help you understand the severity of the alert.

  • Yellow Caution Alerts advise that you’re approaching the set threshold level.

  • Red Hurt Alerts and indicate that you have exceeded the set level and that damage to your car may be imminent.


The two types of alerts are the full-screen Super Smart Algorithm alerts and Adjustable Indicator icon alerts.


Adjustable Indicator icons are next to each sensor reading on the main screen. These will change colour and beep if the Adjustable threshold is exceeded.

  • For Caution Alerts, the icon will turn yellow, and the Hurt Alert will beep twice.

  • For Hurt Alerts, the icon will turn red, and the Hurt Alert will beep five times.


Super Smart Algorithm alerts will appear as a yellow or red box that takes up nearly the entire screen.

  • Yellow Caution Alerts indicate you are approaching the set level, and the Hurt Alert will beep twice.

  • Red Hurt Alerts indicate you have exceeded the set level and will beep five times. You may need to seek mechanical advice.


Q. Will Hurt Alert show every fault with my car?


A. No, Hurt Alert has a limit to the scenarios it can evaluate and is also limited to the sensors which it can reads from the car's computer. Not every fault or scenario with your car will show up on the Hurt Alert.


Q. Will the Hurt Alert prevent me from damaging my engine, gearbox and turbo?


A. The Hurt Alert is a smart device which alerts you to possible issues with your car based on your car’s sensors and computer. The Hurt Alert device is a display only – the device cannot take control of your car, nor will it take control of your driving. It provides you diagnostic information and insights which you can act on if you choose.


The Hurt Alert provides you an insight into the values reported by the sensors in your car. This is provided to you as a diagnostic tool - not a final determination there is a fault with your car. If there is a fault with the car's computer, sensors, or the sensor values that are being reported, it will likely affect the accuracy of the Hurt Alert device and the alerts it shows - which we are not liable for.


The Hurt Alert is not a replacement of a mechanic! We always recommend having your car regularly serviced by a qualified mechanic and seek professional mechanical advice. If you experience any issues with your car, always consult a qualified mechanic and use their expertise and advice to help maintain your car.


Q. What is covered by Hurt Alert?


A. Hurt Alert is a display only. It is not a replacement for insurance, warranty, mechanical roadside support or regular car servicing. The device is used at your own expense and risk. We have done extensive testing and development to ensure Hurt Alert is as accurate as possible, however the information displayed on the Hurt Alert may not be completely accurate all of the time. We always recommend following up with a qualified mechanic to confirm or verify any issues you may be experiencing with your car.


Q. When can I use the Hurt Alert?


A. We recommend only to use this device when safe to do so, which is when your vehicle is parked in a safe stationary position, well away from other road users. You must obey all local road laws with respect to portable device usage inside a vehicle.


Q. How can I stay in touch with Hurt Alert news?


A. Come join our official community on Facebook.


Q. Where is Turbo Boost on the log file?


A. Its listed as "Manifold Pressure KPA". Anything above 100 kpa is positive charge pressure, below 100 KPA is vacuum. 

To convert KPA to PSI, use this calculator

Remember, in the KPA calculator, subtract 100 from the KPA number in the log file..

eg: 150 KPA = 7.25 PSI   (in the calculator, 50 KPA = 7.25 PSI)



Q. How do I start a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee return?


A. If your order arrived damaged and you want to return it, or if you have changed your mind and want to return your order, please contact us.


Q. When does the 30-Day period start from?


A. The 30-Day period starts from the day that you receive your order. (Not when you made the purchase.)


Q. Can I claim the guarantee after 30 days?


A. No, you cannot claim the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee after the 30th day. 


Q. Who pays for the return shipping?


A. We cover all Domestic Australian returns but all International returns will be covered by the customer.

International returns MUST be covered by insurance, otherwise any damage in transit will be covered by the customer.


Q. Can I use the Hurt Alert during the trial?


A. Yes, use your new products out in the field and return anything you're not happy with.


Q. Do I need to return everything in brand new condition?


A. No, the items do not need to be in brand new condition. Feel free to use them during the trial period, this excludes damage and missing items.


Q. Do I need to keep my product packaging and shipping materials.


A. Yes, the packaging will be required if there is a warranty claim of physical or software problem with the item.


Q. How will my money be returned?

A. We'll refund your money to the original payment method. So if you originally paid via credit card, your refund will go back to that same credit card, or if it was via PayPal it will be via PayPal. If you purchased your Hurt Alert from a dealer / partner, you would need to return it to them for a refund.


Q. When will I receive my refund?


A. Once we receive the returned item, we'll check to ensure everything has been returned in full and there isn't any damage to the items (accidental or intentional). After this is confirmed, we will process the refund. 


Refunds are typically processed within 7 business days from when your order has been delivered to our warehouse.


Q. How should I ship my return?


A. We will email you with more detailed instructions when you claim the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. As a requirement, ship the items back in the original packaging. Our postal address is:

Hurt Alert

GPO BOX 5000



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